How do you work?
We all have our own! Own goods, own CC and own delivery! This allows us to work quickly and make you very happy! You can work with us only for a confirmed application! If you work with us for a confirmed application - the apsails and crosssales are not paid!
What traffic do you accept?
We do not accept for RF and CIS traffic: mobile MT, any traffic from VC, OK or Instagram! With an unauthorized launch, the leads will not be counted! In individual cases, it is possible to discuss any type of traffic through a personal manager
Do you have a referral system?
What statuses do the applications have?
Our system uses the following statuses of applications: "in work", "delivered", "invalid", "canceled". "In work" - all orders to which are not dialed or the client takes time to make a decision - work on this order continues! "Invalid" is the lead which did not go through GEO or there is an error in the phone (it's impossible to call the lead), and this status also appears if the order is left by the client for feedback (when the customer just wants to receive advice or return the ordered goods) . "Canceled" - did not reach the customer within 3 days or the customer refused the order. "Delivered" - money is credited to the balance!
Can I fill out the application myself?
You can not! :)
And you can not hide the referrer! :)
And, of course, the multi-accounts are outlawed! :)
What is the minimum payment amount?
3 000 rubles, Carl, 3 thousand!
How are payments made?
There are several options! "Standard Payment" - 5 working days. "Early payment" - 24 hours. "Early payment" is available only after one "standard payment"! After the first standard payment, you will have a new line - "early payment with a 2% commission" - then you work the way you like! PS: In our system there is a traffic check! If you are a new webmaster and we are not sure about your traffic, then we can ask you to wait for the initial redemption! Usually it takes about 14 days and depends on the regions of delivery of orders.
If you do 30 confirmed applications per day?
You can provide screenshots of working with other PPs, as well as you can answer a few indelicate questions - we can agree on payments within 24 hours without paying a commission! ;)
How can I withdraw my earnings?
Money is deduced on WM, IP, Bank cards, YM, Kiwi, etc.! You can get more information from our support.
How long is hold?
Hold in the system is absent - the balance is charged in the system at once!
What if I did not get a minimum?
If this is one of your first payments - you need to collect the minimum amount for payment. Minimum in our system exists to avoid fraud from fresh accounts. Hope for understanding!
You take the minimum for yourself?
In the case of a successful verification of your traffic, we will pay the entire amount, even if it is less than the minimum, but it will take 2-6 weeks!
How do I create a campaign?
There are three ways to add a site to our system 1.1 Create a site on our subdomain Just select a domain and write the name of the subdomain, choose the landing. Similarly with pre-landings (if the pre-landings is suddenly not needed, just leave the fields empty). 1.2 Park a domain If you have a domain, then you can safely park it! Save the campaign, then in the settings you can take ns, to which you want to park the domain. 1.3 Connect external site (JS-script) To add a site located on your domain and hosting, specify the domain when creating the stream in the "third-party site" tab. After saving the campaign in its settings, take the JS-code and paste it to your site between the tags <body></body>. In order for the script to create orders and pass them to us on the system, the form should have the following fields: <input type="text" name="name"/> - name <input type="text" name="phone"/> - phone number. After setting the code, check the functionality of the test order (name - "test")! With pre-landings identical 3 ways! '
Create a campaign, save it, go to the flow settings and voila, at the very bottom will be the button "Add forwarding". Choose from the drop-down list the desired country and specify a link to which to redirect the traffic.
Split test of landings and pre-landings
You can enable split testing in the campaign settings. You can select the necessary landing and pre-landing using checkboxes - they will be shown in turn.
Ya-metrics & GoogleAnalitics
To connect the counter to YaMetrics and Google Analytics - simply insert the digital counter code in the flow settings. For conversions to be considered, create an event target with the CREATE_ORDER identifier and indicate that this goal "describes the confirmation of the order on my site".
How to put Subid?
Subid are transmitted dynamically, that is, you do not need to set subaccounts manually. For example, if you register landing.ru/?subid1=12&subid2=123 then when you click on the link in the statistics, parameters 12 and 123 will be displayed. I use UTM markup, how should I do it? UTM markup and any other macros, with the exception of openstat and glcd, will be recognized by the system automatically.
I set it up, can I make a test order?
Of course, for this point the word "test" in the name and this order will automatically go to the non-public.